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Return it IMMEDIATELY after you get it.

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Know all your options for returning YOUR COMPLETED BALLOT & how to track it to make sure it’s counted.
When ballots will be mailed to voters*
8/30 – 9/5 9/13 – 9/19 9/20 – 9/26 9/27 – 9/30
10/1 – 10/3 10/4 – 10/10 10/11 – 10/16

*Source: National Conference of State Legislatures

Last updated: September 26, 2020

How to Cast Your Ballot Early

After your receive your ballot, return it IMMEDIATELY. If you plan to return your completed ballot via USPS mail, BE SURE TO ALLOW AT LEAST 2+ weeks for it to arrive on time.


If possible, you should hand deliver your completed ballot. Most states give voters at least one approved option for doing so. Some states offer several hand-delivery return options, but rules vary. It is critical to know all of your state’s rules, deadlines & ballot return options.

  • VIA ELECTION OFFICE In almost all states you can hand deliver your ballot in person to the office of the local election official (either the county election official or the town/city clerk, depending on who runs elections in the state). 
  • VIA SECURE DROP BOX More and more states are adding secure drop boxes as a safe and convenient option.
    • Before the pandemic, eight states had laws on the books that allowed voters to return their completed ballots to designated drop boxes.
    • In practice, either through statewide practice or in certain counties, many more states are using drop boxes for this election.
    • NOTE: Litigation regarding the use of drop boxes is currently pending in the following states:
    • Drop boxes are a critical component of safe, fair elections and the legal fight to protect them, including adding additional ones, is ongoing. This will be an evolving situation until November 3. Stay informed and learn how to support drop boxes in your community.


In-person early voting allows voters to cast a ballot at their polling place or assigned voting center for a designated period of time before the election. Rules and availability of in-person voting vary from state to state. Some states offer early in-person early voting as early as 45 days before the election, but several states do not offer an in-person option at all.

NOTE: Voting rules vary in every state, sometimes by county, and are constantly changing. Always check with your own state’s election office to confirm approved ballot return methods.

Sources: National Conference of State Legislatures, Democracy Docket, NBC News’ Plan Your Vote,

Flatten the Election Day Curve

DO NOT WAIT to request your absentee ballot! We can help “Flatten the Election Day Curve” by spreading out absentee ballot requests over months rather than weeks or days. A last-minute surge of applications in October will overload state election systems. Voting by mail will also reduce crowding at the polls and lower the health risk for people who must vote in person.

Make ASAP Your New Voting Deadline

When returning your ballot, early is on time. On time is late. And late is rejected. Return your completed ballot as soon as you receive it. Know all of your state’s options for returning it. Make a plan. Then make a back-up plan. Leave nothing to chance.

Know Your Rights

You have rights. If you encounter any obstacles trying to vote, call the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Get in the habit of checking back in early and often with your state’s election information website for any updates or changes.

Protect Your Vote. Stay Informed.

Things are changing fast these days. The following voters’ rights organizations have created valuable resources to help you get engaged and stay informed about updates to election related litigation and COVID-related changes to restrictions, rules or deadlines for the 2020 election cycle.


Created by Marc Elias, Democracy Docket is a platform for progressive advocacy about voting rights, elections and redistricting that provides detailed information about important voter suppression litigation.

Founded by Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight brings awareness to the public on election reform, advocates for election reform at all levels and engages in other voter education programs and communications.

The Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project was developed to ensure that the 2020 election can proceed with integrity, safety, and equal access by sharing best practices of academics, civic organizations & election administrators.


Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny. Founded by LaTosha Brown, BVM advocates for policies that expand voting rights/access and intersect with race, gender, economic justice and equity.

Updated, state-by-state guide with the latest COVID-19-related excuse waivers and eligibility expansions for absentee voting. Includes local/special election info and pending legislation.

This handy tool walks you through the entire process of requesting/receiving an absentee ballot in every state. Fill out a simple form to receive regular email reminders with deadlines and instructions.

A national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization providing free information and help to voters to make sure they have the right kind of ID to vote in their state, both in-person and absentee.

Do you live in an all-mail-in state? You can still support the work of organizers, volunteers and candidates in six key battleground states that may determine the election in November.

Voter mobilization movement led by Color Of Change and focused on building independent Black political power, amplifying Black voices and ensuring Black voters have full access to the ballot box.

Committed to uniting and empowering a new generation of Latinx voters and features a COVID-related voter guide with the latest updates and expansions of vote-by-mail rules for each state.

Launched by Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw to change the culture around voting and increase participation in elections.